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Diagnosing, Designing, & Delivering Value-Based Solutions To Commercial Roofing Projects Since 1898! Now Hiring In All Positions Ahora Contratando En Todas Las Posiciones
Diagnosing, Designing, & Delivering Value-Based Solutions To Commercial Roofing Projects Since 1898! Now Hiring In All Positions Ahora Contratando En Todas Las Posiciones


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7 Signs Your School Roof Needs Emergency Repair

7 Signs Your School Roof Needs Emergency Repair

Key Takeaways:

  1. School roofs are essential for keeping students and teachers safe, so it is vital to be aware of the signs that indicate emergency roof repairs are needed.
  2. Common signs include leaking, discoloration or fading, blistering, pooling water, flashing issues, and bad smells throughout the school building.
  3. Damaged membranes on flat roofing should also be inspected regularly for bald spots or lifting, as this could require replacing the entire roof if left unchecked.
  4. If you suspect your school’s roof requires repair, act quickly. This process can become time-consuming and expensive if not addressed promptly.

It’s easy to forget about the school roofs as they are out of sight and out of mind, but they play a vital role in keeping students and staff safe. It pays to be vigilant regarding the condition of your roof! When overlooked, minor damage can quickly worsen until emergency repairs are necessary – leading to costly, time-consuming fixes.

Pay attention to signs signaling that your school roof is asking for help to avoid this all-too-common scenario. Awareness of these hints could save you considerable money and downtime in the long run. In this blog post, Standard Roofing Companywill discuss some telltale signs that indicate you need emergency roof repair — don’t miss them!

Signs Your School Roof’s Screaming ‘REPAIR ME’

Schools play an essential role in the community. Since school buildings house kids, keeping them in good repair is critical. Roofs are the first line of defense against elements such as rain and snow, so maintaining them is crucial. A well-maintained roof can help protect a school from weather, pests, and mold damage. It also prevents water infiltration into the building, which can be costly if left untreated.

1. Leaking

A leaking roof is usually the first sign that it needs urgent repairs. Aside from the apparent water damage, a leaking roof can also cause structural damage to your school, leading to costly repairs. If left unchecked, a leaking roof can lead to rot and mold growth, which can be dangerous to students and staff’s health and the overall structure of the building.  


2. Discoloration And Fading

Another sign that your school roof may need immediate attention is discoloration and fading. The pigment used to make most roofs fades over time due to exposure to sunlight and rain. If you start to see large patches of discoloration, or if the roof is beginning to look faded all over, you should call a professional immediately.

3. Blistering

Blistering on your school roof is another sign that repairs may be necessary. This can happen due to excessive heat, incorrect ventilation, or other problems. If you notice large blisters forming on the surface of your roof, it’s best to get it looked at right away before the damage becomes worse and more costly to repair.

4. Pooling Water

When water accumulates in one area of the roof, pooling can occur, which can cause significant damage if not addressed immediately. If you see standing water anywhere on your school’s roof, you should immediately call a professional plumber. This water can cause the surface to deteriorate and eventually lead to significant leaks in the interior of your building.

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5. Flashing Issues

Flashing is an essential element on any roof; its purpose is to help keep water from entering through seams and edges. Faulty flashing can easily cause leaks, damaging surrounding structures and creating hazardous conditions for students and staff. Suppose you notice gaps between flashing or other signs of wear. In that case, getting it fixed as soon as possible is vital before more damage occurs.

6. Bad Smells Throughout The School Building

If your school has an adequately maintained roofing system, you should never worry about musty or moldy odors. However, a water leak goes unchecked for an extended time. In that case, it will eventually lead to mold growth, and accompanying smells – even before visible signs, such as water stains, become apparent on the ceiling tiles.

If you detect a musty smell, don’t delay – call commercial roof repair experts now. Mold and mildew can be the source of various health complications, from allergies to illness, that could keep your students out for extended periods at school and affect their educational progress.

7. Damaged Membranes On Flat Roofing

Just like you would look for damaged shingles on a pitched roof, inspecting flat roofs regularly is essential. Most commercial and school rooftops are typically composed of a single-ply membrane that must be monitored closely over time – check them often so you can make any necessary repairs quickly!

Suppose you notice any bald spots or lifting on your roof. In that case, it’s a sign that the sealants have deteriorated and can no longer protect against water infiltration. Over time, this problem could become severe enough to require replacing the entire roof – so promptly contact a professional for an inspection!

Not only could the membrane have exposed spaces, but as time passes and the adhesive ages, it will become weaker and its effectiveness reduced. Older roofs are prone to this dilemma with age. In contrast, new ones that are poorly insulated may display such signs sooner than expected.

Keep This In Mind

When roofers are called for emergency repairs on school roofs, they face several challenges due to the age of the building and the materials used in construction. Roofers may have to assess the roof’s overall condition and consider several factors, such as weather conditions and accessibility, to determine necessary repairs. The process can be time-consuming and expensive, so acting quickly is essential if you suspect your school roof requires repair.

Here’s How We Can Help!

At Standard Roofing Company in Norman, OK, we recognize that you have a lot on your plate, so our mission is to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge necessary for making educated choices. We keep communication lines open by providing up-to-the-minute reports using our client portal. Knowing that you are focused on important work, we promptly act when your roof leaks or ages. You and your students deserve a secure environment in which to learn, so our services won’t impede you from accomplishing this goal. Get a free estimate now if your school’s roof needs repair.


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